Saturday, November 14, 2009

Making politicians honest, trusted and effective.

Our political representatives and servants carry little respect these days. What could be changed to make them more responsive, trusted, and valuable to the country?

They all take money and support from anybody who wants to influence their priorities where I think they should only be influenced by their constituents.

I declare by fiat that politicians can only receive political career support, monetary and otherwise, from registered individual voters in their constituency. All violations would be prosecuted as bribery and conspiracy.

Registered voters can donate any amount of money, voluntary effort and publicity to their political representatives and servants. This money and support must be theirs to give and must be open and public.

The hoped for effect would be the politician recognizing his power and duty and to perform those duties to enhance the value of his constituency.


We all wish we could change something to make life, country, and love better and it would only work if we had the power of a dictator.

Here is your opportunity rule by fiat, explore and express your dreams.